Humanities 2dh3 Final Presentations

The students in the Winter, 2018 Humanities 2DH3 course had, for their final assignment, the option to produce videos for the Sherman Centre video wall on a social justice topic of their choosing.  The assignment had to use the data they’d collected over the course of the semester, producing a final outcome that made what can be an abstract concept of data for data’s sake concrete and real by having a tangible goal beyond organizing information. Unfortunately, the Sherman Centre video wall does not have sound, so the videos are presented here as YouTube links with the sound added.

“Sheltered Truth”

They also asked that I include a link to a place to go to for more information.


“Wasteless Waters”

Finally, should YouTube fail or the videos be taken down the versions found on the Sherman Centre video wall (with the overlay added) can be found here.

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