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  • University setting in autumn

    3 Top Tips for RDM and How to Create an ORCiD Account

    Your profile as a researcher is a story that you create, and you will need an online presence that is separate from popular social media. Learn to distinguish yourself by creating a free ORCiD account that automatically showcases your academic activities, ensuring you get credit for your work. Set up your research project for success with good data management practices. Learn to organize and document your data. Follow a few simple tips to keep your data safe and ensure that your thesis isn’t taken down by a hard drive failure.

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    Best Practices for Managing Data in your Research

    In this introductory workshop, learn about research data management best practices and how investing a small amount of time in organizing your data now can save you a lot of time and prevent future headaches. We will go over best practices for data planning, storage, organization, preservation, and sharing.

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  • Antique file cabinet

    Building a Data Management Plan

    Confucius said “One who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door”. In research, planning for data management helps you prepare for data questions and problems before they happen.

    In this session, we will go over principles of data management planning and go through a demo of the Portage DMP Assistant, a web-based tool for developing and collaborating on Data Management Plans in the Canadian research context.

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  • Old photo album

    Building Digital Exhibits: A Roundtable Celebrating the Launch of Omeka S at McMaster

    Learn about the variety of uses and possibilities for digital scholarly exhibits with the digital exhibit platform Omeka S. In this roundtable. members of the McMaster community will share some of their experiences working with Omeka in classroom projects, research dissemination, organizing digital collections, and more.

    Find out if Omeka is the right tool for your next classroom or research project!

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  • Office buildings

    Business Data and Statistics

    Learn how to understand and access business data and statistics from a variety of sources.

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  • Diagrams

    Creating High-Impact Figures with Adobe Illustrator

    Learn how to turn your Excel data into high-impact figures with Adobe Illustrator. This introductory-level workshop will teach the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how to use this software to modify SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files exported from Excel.

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