Presenting “The Searchable Online Learning Catalogue”

Presenting “The Searchable Online Learning Catalogue”

Over the years, we’ve created 60+ webinars, event recordings, and e-guides on Digital Scholarship, Data Analysis, and Research Data Management. At first, we organized these materials with a simple text list. As our collection grew, that list became a little unwieldy. Then a lot unwieldy. By the time we surpassed 60 modules, we knew it was time for a change.

Enter: The Searchable Online Learning Catalogue.

The catalogue has three pre-populated fields: Topic, Software, and Format. Simply click on the field of your choice, select an option from the drop-down menu, and watch as the website auto-updates with all offerings that match your search term. If the results aren’t specific enough, use another field to streamline your results. Watch a demo in the video below:

Once you decide on a module, simply click it and you’ll be taken to a dedicated webpage with a brief description of the webinar, a link to the online resource, and recommendations for other modules you may like.

While we hope you enjoy the new searchable catalogue, we also want to assuage anyone who loved the old text-based list. It’s linked on the new catalogue and will be updated with new materials, just like before. We’re expanding the ways you can access our collection of webinars, not replacing anything outright.

And last but not least, we give special thanks to Debbie Lawlor for providing invaluable tech support as we launched this feature. Thank you, Debbie!

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