Omeka S Launches at McMaster

Omeka S Launches at McMaster

We’re pleased to announce that McMaster now has free access to Omeka S, a digital exhibit platform that can help you highlight archival treasures and share your research with the public.

Our colleagues at McMaster Library News promoted the launch of this digital resource with an excellent article that overviews Omeka’s capabilities and interviews one of our main colleagues in this launch including McMaster Archives and Research Collections’ Myron Groover.

As part of the Omeka S rollout, Groover guided undergraduate students from the History department through the creation of their own digital exhibit on “Posters of the 1848 French Revolution.”

Screen shot of the Omeka S exhibit
A screenshot from the Omeka S exhibit “Posters of the 1848 French Revolution”

Groover and Nina Sartor, one of the History students who worked on “Posters of the 1848 French Revolution,” discussed their work at a roundtable event we recently hosted to celebrate the launch of Omeka S at McMaster. Other panelists included Devon Mordell, a Sherman Centre Affiliate and Educational Developer at the MacPherson Institute as well as the Sherman Centre’s Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Amanda Montague, who worked tirelessly to bring this resource to campus.

Poster for
A poster for the event “Building Digital Exhibits: A Roundtable Celebrating the Launch of Omeka S”

We rounded out our panel with McMaster History professor Karen Balcom and her undergraduate student Rachel Manes. Last year, Professor Balcom used Omeka to add a digital dimension to her teaching. The final product was “Women and Social Movements in the 19th and 20th Centuries,” a digital exhibit that included Manes’ work on American debates around female genital cutting.

Screenshot from the Omeka S exhibit
A screenshot of Professor Balcom and Rachel Manes’ Omeka S exhibits.

If you’d like to learn more about how our panelists used Omeka S in classroom projects, research dissemination, and digital exhibits, you can view a recording of the roundtable, “Building Digital Exhibits: A Roundtable Celebrating the Launch of Omeka S.” This link will direct you to a GitHub site that collects the roundtable recording, plus links to relevant resources.

Want to build your own Omeka S digital exhibit? First learn the basics of the platform with this asynchronous module by Dr. Amanda Montague. These videos will show you how to create an archival item collection, add metadata, and build a digital exhibit.

The title slide for
The title slide from Dr. Montague’s web module, “Digital Exhibits with Omeka-S”

Once you’re ready to get going, request an Omeka S site at McMaster. As a perk of the McMaster instance of Omeka S, you have the option of using a custom McMaster-branded template created by McMaster Library’s own Debbie Lawlor.

As you build your exhibit, please stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions. The SCDS team is very happy to help. Just email and we’ll be on our way.

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