Meet Our Team: Summer Students Shrey Acharya and Richie Motorgeanu

Meet Our Team: Summer Students Shrey Acharya and Richie Motorgeanu

Each summer, the Sherman Centre welcomes a group of Student Assistants. Learn more about two of our new colleagues, Shrey Acharya and Richie Motorgeanu, with this quick Q&A.

SCDS: Please introduce yourself to our readers! Tell us your name, year, program, and job title at SCDS this summer. 

Shrey Acharya: Hi, my name is Shrey Acharya (He/Him) and I am in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program at McMaster. This summer, I will be working at SCDS as a Research Data Management (RDM) Assistant.

Richie Motorgeanu: Hello! My name is Richie (he/him) and I am entering my 2nd year of Computer Science at McMaster University. I will be working at SCDS as a Learning Resource Development Assistant over the summer.

SCDS: Tell our readers about the work you’ll be doing this summer at the Sherman Centre. Consider describing your duties, but also thinking about what you hope to achieve. 

SA: This summer, I will be working on various projects – like creating a comprehensive database for Data Management Plans (DMP), updating the existing RDM website, contributing to the development of an RDM course, etc. Through this role, I hope to explore the research being conducted in different fields to learn more about all the awesome work that is being done here at McMaster!

Promotional image for RDM workshops. Image depicts a pile of strings next to a red-tinted network of interlocked strings against a chartreuse and white background. Text reads 2022-2023 Research Data Management Workshops with logos for RDM, SCDS, and McMaster University Library
Shrey will be assisting the RDM team with various resources.

RM: My role as a Learning Resource Development Assistant will involve adapting workshop recordings into text-based learning modules, occasionally adjusting workshop material as well. I aim to create comprehensive and accessible learning resources that effectively convey the information shared in the workshops.

SCDS: What are you most excited to do this summer at the Sherman Centre?

SA: This summer, I am most excited to learn about different fields and research areas through my interactions with staff and professors both at SCDS and McMaster. The idea of contributing towards the development of tangible tools that researchers can implement to promote best RDM practices also excites me!

RM: This summer, I’m most excited to actively contribute to the Sherman Centre’s extensive catalogue of learning resources. Not only will I be able contribute, but this provides me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the various topics covered by the materials.

SCDS: What’s your favourite way to use digital tools? You might think about software, social media platforms, or something else. 

SA: Although I use digital tools like Zotero, Calendar, and social media to stay organized and connected, my favourite way to use digital tools is as a creative outlet for writing poetry and creating artwork on graphic design software like Illustrator and Photoshop.

RM: My favourite way to use digital tools is definitely through the creation of learning resources. Creating learning resources was actually something I did long before I joined the SCDS team. In high school, I often found myself tutoring friends in my classes. It started off as simply compiling tricky textbook questions and working through those together, and that later turned into me creating my own questions and worksheets. This habit seems to have followed me to university, where I’ve created study sheets, answer keys, and a couple practice exams. I even learned to use tools like LaTeX to try and imitate the professor’s style.

Promotional image for Mayday TV show and a screenshot of four of Richie's games.
Poster for Shrey’s favourite show and a screenshot of some of Richie’s games.

SCDS: We conclude all entries in the “Meet Our Team” interview series (where I interview my co-workers) by asking for a fun fact. Tell us something interesting or unexpected about you–your favorite TV show, a little-known hobby, a great recipe–whatever you like.

SA: A fun fact about me is that my favourite TV show is “Mayday” and I have a Pilot’s License.

RM: I actually discovered my passion in software development and computer science through my involvement in game development! In my free time, I participate in game jams and take on small software projects.

Thanks for telling us about your work, Shrey and Richie! We’re delighted to have you on board the SCDS team this summer.