Each year, the Sherman Centre coordinates a diverse slate of digital scholarship events. We host an annual graduate colloquium, interdisciplinary undergraduate course, and marquee lecture, as well as organizing lightning talks, roundtables, and more.

Learn more about our events by reading the descriptions below. Explore the drop down menus for past and upcoming sessions.

Sherman Centre Graduate Colloquium

Learn about digital scholarship from McMaster graduate students as they discuss their research projects during the lunch-time series.

SCDS Speaker Series

The Sherman Centre is pleased to host leading scholars, practitioners, and artists whose work intersects  digital scholarship.

Software Studies Reading Group

This reading group is focused on the field of software studies, which interprets software (and more generally, computational culture, computers, networking, etc) as historical and cultural artifacts.


We offer the HUMAN 2DH3 course, also known as “Introduction to Digital Humanities.” This course introduces students to DH research methods and tools, teach them about analysis, preservation, and resource creation, and integrate a practical component where students create digital projects.