What we do

Consultation & Support

The Sherman Centre provides consulting and technical support to faculty and graduate students with all levels of technological experience. We consult on any stage or aspect of a digital scholarship or pedagogical project to help determine the digital tools, techniques and methods that best suit the project whether big or small.

We can help you think through your goals or refine research question(s). If you’re planning a digital project as part of your degree, we can help you determine realistic deliverables for your time frame. We can also help you figure out what tools and skills might best suit your needs, develop a work plan, or think about how and where your project will be stored. If you’re thinking about pursuing grant funding for your research, we can help you figure out what to ask for in your application. In some instances, we can provide letters of support and in-kind contributions.

To schedule a consultation, send an email to anyone on the Sherman Centre team letting us know what you’d like to discuss, and we’ll get back to you (if you’re not sure where to start, try our post-doctoral fellow)! But you don’t have to have a project to consult with us — we can work with you to develop a strategy for learning more about digital scholarship that’s tailored to your particular interests. For more information about our workshops, colloquium series and other events, please visit our events page and our blog.

Sherman Centre Model Flowcharts

We have devised a set of flowcharts that document our internal processes. These are meant to disclose our workflows and are by no means exhaustive of the areas of support and available resources offered by the Sherman Centre.


Grant Partnerships


Archive/Database Support


Software Development

Website Requests


Classroom Activities

Training Requests

Knowledge Mobilization

Journal Publishing


Event Hosting

Meeting Space

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