Unusual Resistances

Photograph of two power outlets, one with a burned socket.A Workshop with Peter Flemming

Monday March 6 / 1:00-5:00 / Sherman Centre

This workshop examines the property of electrical resistance. All electrical circuits have resistance and anything can be a resistor (though some things are better). In other words, resistance is necessary and everywhere. In this class you will consider how everyday items might be inserted in electronic circuits in unique ways to change the circuit behaviour. You will build a sound oscillator around a 555 timer chip, with standard parts. We will then find non-standard unusual resistances and add them in. Along the way you will be introduced to some specialized electronic test equipment: the digital multimeter.

* No prior experience with electronics or mathematics is necessary.

Peter Flemming is a Canadian artist working with sound, kinetics, electronics, robotics, mechanics and performance. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally, considering natural and technological ecologies in site-specific installations and performances that are resolved intuitively and experimentally. Recent projects explore sound and resonance in improvised installations, and past work has included lazy machines, solar powered robotics, and hypnotically repetitive automata. Flemming is a professor in Studio Arts at Concordia University, where he is principal facilitator of the interdisciplinary art + science Embedded Faculty Initiative. He is also Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Oboro Centre for Contemporary Art and New Media.

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