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My past self would be overjoyed if she knew that someday I would use Tumblr to create a mock course on biopolitics. She might also be a bit confused to see me assume the role of an educator, a position …

Foucault Comes to Tumblr: An Experiment in Digital Pedagogy Read More »

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CW: Racist Violence, Death 2021 marks another year of ongoing racist violence toward Black, Indigenous, and many other racialized communities of colour. The early months of this year featured an increase in anti-Asian racism followed by police violence against Black …

Online Together: Violence, Networks, and Resistance Read More »

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By: Raquel Burgess, PhD student, Dept of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Yale School of Public Health ** Contains spoilers for the HBO series Westworld Recently, we have witnessed an ongoing and important debate about whether governments should be able to …

Great power, but no responsibility: Commodified data in our contemporary world Read More »

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