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Reflections on DH @ Guelph

Whenever I go to conferences I see other scholars with great maps. They make slide shows and posters look really pretty – but also offer deeper understandings of what is being studied while enabling the scholar to engage more meaningfully

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The Puzzling Case of 1QHodayota Fragment 10 — The Research Problem (Part 2)

In my last post, I described two kinds of reconstructions that are relevant to my research problem: reconstructions of manuscripts and reconstructions of text. A manuscript reconstruction is an arrangement of fragments in the order that they are hypothesized to

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When to Call a Project Dead Instead of Done

At the beginning of my SCDS fellowship, I sat down and outlined my goals for the year. Realizing that there was some serious skill development that needed to happen in order for me to be able to achieve them, I

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The Puzzling Case of 1QHodayota Fragment 10 — The Research Problem (Part 1)

In my last post, I introduced my Sherman Centre project, which is examining the placement of fragment 10 in the Dead Sea scroll, 1QHodayota, a manuscript from c. 30–1 BCE that contains a collection of previously unknown psalms called the

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Sci-Fi and Social Work

By Melissa Marie Legge, 2015 Sherman Fellow “Dolly the sheep is real, not a science fiction character” (Braidotti, 2014, p. 197). I picture myself at the beginning of my undergraduate studies, and I wonder what I would have thought if

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A New Direction

By Michael Brooks Johnson, 2015 Sherman Centre Fellow As I’ve further developed my dissertation proposal, I’ve altered my Sherman Centre project to better serve the changing demands of my research. Initially, I was looking into comparing the syntax of the

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Solidarity or Schism: Ideological Congruence and the Egyptian activists’ Twitter networks

By Deena Abul Fottouh, 2015 Sherman Centre Fellow Scholars examining  the role of social media in protest disagree about whether social media reflects conditions on the ground. My research examines an important case of social media and protest: the  Egyptian

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2015 Sherman Graduate Fellows

We were pleased to receive an excellent pool of applications this year, indicative of the growth of digital scholarship / digital humanities at McMaster. After thoughtful consideration, we selected the three individuals below to receive the $1500 stipend and workspace in the

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