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Reflections on DH@Guelph 2017

“How do you find the time for a DH project on top of your Dissertation?” This is the question I get asked most frequently as a historian with a digital project. At this point in the discipline, DH does not replace

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Exploring Indigenous Data Sovereignty through Water Governance – Kelsey Leonard, Sherman Centre Fellow

Aquay (Hello), I am a PhD student in Comparative Public Policy in the Department of Political Science focusing on Indigenous water security and its climatic, territorial and governance underpinnings. I am an enrolled citizen of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, a

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Data Drudgery & Beautiful Betas: Mining Flow Maps Update

Previous posts on my Porcupine Gold Rush International Flow-Mapping project here: A Graduate Fellow Introduction Maps and Mining: Getting Data Out of ArcMap & the Beginning of Flow Mapping Part I: Data Drudgery I know that I am hardly the first

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The Challenge of Cultural Theft- Crowdsourcing Knowledge for Digital Archives in Africa

Working on a Digital Humanities project as a historian of Africa requires a level of accountability to the people whom your work is about and affects. This responsibility requires an understanding of the history of cultural theft on the continent

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A Font-based Approach for Testing Space for Textual Reconstructions in Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts

One of the challenges of working with reconstructions of Dead Sea scrolls is checking the work of other scholars. In 1963, Hartmut Stegemann reconstructed the manuscript 1QHodayota, a collection of hitherto unknown psalms found only at Qumran. His groundbreaking work

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The Puzzling Case of Fragment 10 — Update

It has been some time since my last post, so what follows is an update on the progress of my project and what the next steps will be. To summarize briefly, the problem addressed by this project arises out of

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A Graduate Fellow Introduction – Mica Jorgenson, Mining & Environmental Historian

I’m a PhD Candidate in the department of history and an incoming Graduate Fellow at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. You’ll be hearing from me a lot this year, so in this post I’m going to 1) introduce my

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2016-2017 Graduate Fellowship in Digital Scholarship

OVERVIEW The Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship invites applications for the 2016-2017 graduate fellowship in digital scholarship. The Sherman Centre’s role is to support members of the McMaster community as they experiment with and integrate digital scholarship

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The Puzzling Case of 1QHodayota Fragment 10 — The Research Problem (Part 2)

In my last post, I described two kinds of reconstructions that are relevant to my research problem: reconstructions of manuscripts and reconstructions of text. A manuscript reconstruction is an arrangement of fragments in the order that they are hypothesized to

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When to Call a Project Dead Instead of Done

At the beginning of my SCDS fellowship, I sat down and outlined my goals for the year. Realizing that there was some serious skill development that needed to happen in order for me to be able to achieve them, I

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