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For the final visualization of my residency, I constructed a NextStrain Narrative Exhibit. This digital display weaves together geospatial information, genetic data, and interpretative text to explore the history of the infectious disease “The Plague”.

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In my last residency update, I discussed two major goals: Reconstructing the spread of a historically important disease (the Plague!), and Creating a digital exhibit combining interactive visuals with narrative text. I’m pleased to say that I have a working …

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Why is it so hard to get data, when data is everywhere? We live in the Golden Age of the Internet, with millions of web-pages instantly accessible to provide a steady stream of services and entertainment. Not only has this …

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Its been a month since I returned from DH@Guelph, the annual workshop series put on by THINC Lab May 14-17 2018. This year I registered for Digital Storytelling for Humanists, a fun & creative workshop designed to get us thinking about …

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