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Developing A Photogrammetry Toolkit For Rapid, Low Cost And High Fidelity 3D Scans

As a current PhD student in the Communications Cultural Studies and New Media Program at McMaster University, my research revolves around the application of new media to create personal archives for individuals or relatively small communities, groups and peoples, primarily

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Desktop fabrication

One area that we explore in the Sherman Centre is the utility of 3D printing for modeling and replication. We currently have three printers–a Lulzbot Taz4, an Ultimaker 2, and a Makerbot Fifth Gen Replicator–that our staff and researchers are

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Polylactide (PLA) biodegradability

The Sherman Centre recently purchased a Makerbot Fifth Generation Replicator, and we currently have an Ultimaker 2 in our space at the moment, although that machine is destined for the Lyons New Media Centre upstairs. A number of visitors and

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