Conference Schedule

8:30 am – Registration & Opening Remarks

9:00 am – First Panel – Process and Pedagogy: DH Tools and Methods

  1. Ryan Ikeda, University of California Berkeley. Teaching E-Lit: Electronic Literature as a Pedagogical Problem. (Slides)
  2. Megan Suttie, McMaster University. What Would Harry Say? Digital Analysis, Textual Results, Literary Criticism, and Harry Potter Fanfiction. (Slides)
  3. Olivia Dziwak, Ryerson and York University. The Art of the Stoplist: Data Cleaning and the Politics of Method. (Slides)

10:00 am – Break

10:15 am – Second Panel – Storying Technology: Representations in Popular Media

  1. Pouria Nazemi, Concordia University. Shifting Spaces for Digital Storytelling – The Case of CRISPR Cas-9. (Slides)
  2. Isaac Celis, McMaster University. Upgrade Complete: Technology, Identity Formation and Development in Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Slides)
  3. Yijun Sun, University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Changes of Women’s Position in Literature upon the Emergence of the Typewriter: A Reflective Reading of Kittler and Henry James at Work.  (Slides)

11:15 am – Lunch

12:15 pm – Performance – Performing and Improvising Digital Presence

  1. Jamie Beverley, McMaster University. Smartphone Soundscapes.
  2. Melanie Wilmink, York University. Tempus Fugit: Letters from Another Time and the Mysterious Package Company.

12:55 pm – Lightning Round Sovereignty, Security, and Social Networks

  1. Autumn Mayes, Western University. What is Ethical When Using Social Media in Research. (Slides)
  2. Nicolette Stuart, McMaster University. Designing Identity: The Role of Self-Tracking Technologies in Marginalizing Genderqueer People. (Slides)
  3. Stephen Surlin, McMaster University. Local Networks: Accessible Offline Networks By and For Marginalized Communities. (no slides)

1:30 pm – Break

1:45 pm – Fourth Panel – Power, Identity, and Labour in the Digital Age

  1. Rachel McLean, Trent University. Instamamas: Digital Labour in Online Mother-Publics. (Slides)
  2. Arjun Dhanjal, Ryerson and York University. Unsheathing Scopic Power: On the Bio- and Necropolitical Power Structures of Dick Pics in Gay Digital Cultures. (Slides)
  3. Ethan Jackson, Wilfrid Laurier University. In Queer(y): Reconceptualizing the Trans ‘Self’ in an Era of Biopolitics. (Slides)

2:45 pm – Break

3:00 pm – Keynote Speaker – Device Dojo

3:45 pm – Closing Remarks

4:30 pm – Post-Conference Social

Phoenix Bar and Grill, McMaster University.