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  • Laptop with graphs

    Intro to Designing Effective Data Visualizations

    An effective data visualization makes all the difference. Learn to present your research in its best light at this beginner-friendly workshop on the basic design principles and best practices that can be applied across different data visualization software and tools.

    Participants will learn how to plan for visualizations from concept to design output, and how to incorporate thinking about dissemination of data as scholars progress in their research.

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  • geospatial data of land

    Intro to GeoSpatial Data

    Geospatial data is data about objects or features on or near the surface of the Earth and can be mapped using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. This module introduces participants to geospatial data formats and concepts as well as sources for this data.

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  • Globe

    Intro to GIS

    This beginner workshop introduces the core concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial data. Through the use of the GIS software program, QGIS, hands-on exercises will incorporate these concepts in the creation of a map.

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  • View of city from above

    Intro to GIS and ArcGIS Online

    If you’ve ever thought that a map would help illustrate a critical part of your research, this workshop is for you. This beginner-friendly session introduces participants to the core concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial data, then shows how to apply these concepts during a hands-on exercise where you will create a web-based map in ArcGIS Online.

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  • Intro to Making and Sharing Maps with ArcGIS Pro

    ArcGIS Pro is a professional desktop Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program. It is a powerful data visualization tool that maps and analyzes data, depicting patterns and trends.

    This workshop is geared towards beginners new to ArcGIS or ArcMap users making the switch to ArcGIS Pro. Attendees will become familiar with ArcGIS tools that are available on campus, learn the ArcGIS Pro interface, symbolize data, and share the resulting map.

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  • Person typing in a spreadsheet

    Intro to Microsoft Excel

    This introductory workshop will introduce participants to the basic layout of Microsoft Excel and teach them how to navigate the software. Participants will learn how to enter data, overview functions and formulas, and teach the group to format cells, insert new rows, and create charts and graphs.

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  • Green python

    Intro to Python

    This beginner-level workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of the world’s most popular Python programming language. You’ll learn to store data in Python data types and variables, as well as learn how to perform operations on numbers and strings. Python IDE Anaconda will be briefly discussed.

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  • Laptop in warm orange, pink, blue light

    Intro to R

    R has a powerful suite of high-level statistical functions, but sometimes you need lower-level control over the functionality of your script. In this workshop, you will learn how to write programs in R using functions and control flow. We will cover functions, conditional blocks, loops, and debugging.

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  • Bar Graph

    Intro to SAS

    This beginner-level workshop will introduce you to the basics of SAS statistical software. The items covered in this workshop will teach you how the software works by navigating through the different windows, working with sample data to generate beginner-level descriptive statistics and basic statistical procedures.

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  • Introducing Digital Scholarship 1: Podcasting, Born-Digital Publishing, and Social Media Research

    In the first installment of this two-event series, learn more about the interdisciplinary, multifaceted and emergent approaches to digital scholarship from our 2023 Graduate Residency cohort.

  • Introducing Digital Scholarship 2: Interactive and Digital Storytelling, Digital Exhibits and Community Archiving

    In the second installment of this two-event series, learn more about the interdisciplinary, multifaceted and emergent approaches to digital scholarship from our 2023 Graduate Residency cohort.

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  • Mathematical formulas

    Introduction to Document Typesetting and Scientific Publishing with LaTeX

    This module will introduce you to LaTeX, a typesetting system commonly used in STEM disciplines to create high-quality documents and easily write mathematical equations. We will discuss tools for writing in LaTeX, the structural elements of LaTeX, text formatting, and commands for writing mathematical equations. You will learn the commands to create your first LaTeX document.

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