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  • glitch art

    Glitch: Disability, Feminism, Technology

    Starting from the representation of glitching robots on-screen before moving to technologies, bodies, and communities off-screen, this presentation by Dr. Adan Jerreat-Poole (Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, University of Waterloo) explores the history of “glitch feminism” and then turns to glitch as intimacy, interdependence, and Mad/crip/queer community, glitch understood through the physiology of pain in relation to technology, and glitch as a reorientation towards crip time.

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  • Collage of logos for digital exhibit platforms

    Guide to Digital Exhibit Platforms

    Are you interested in public scholarship and digital tools? Do you want to build a digital exhibit to share your work, but aren’t sure where to start? In this post, we overview six platforms available at McMaster. Read through this brief guide and determine which is best suited to your project.

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  • How Ideas Travel: Introduction to Research Impact

    This virtual session introduces attendees to the world of Research Impact. Research impact counts the number of times a publication has been cited by other researchers or mentioned in media. Understanding the field can help you identify “hot topics” of emerging research, gain a more thorough grasp of your research community, benchmark your career progress, communicate your knowledge more effectively, and more. Learn to leverage key databases to identify the expertise of researchers, institutions, and journals at this introductory workshop!

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  • Three smartphones display maps

    How to Copy ArcGIS Online Content Between Accounts

    Current students, staff, and faculty have access to ArcGIS Online through an Educational Institution Agreement. Content created in the ArcGIS web applications will remain online following graduation but won’t be maintained or updated and are subject to availability of the application.

    Did you know you can copy some content from your McMaster ArcGIS Online account to a personal account? This asynchronous online tutorial will provide you with resources and tools to copy content between accounts.

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  • How to Implement Encryption to Protect your Research Data Online

    The modern online environment is dangerous – data breaches and cyber attacks are increasingly prevalent, making safeguarding sensitive research data more important than ever. Join Isaac Pratt (Research Data Management Specialist) for this workshop diving into the world of encryption.

    No technical expertise required – we’ll demystify encryption and show you how it can be used to secure your data against unauthorized access, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

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  • Optical illusion of a rabbit/duck

    How to Lie with Data

    Data may seem objective or neutral, but that’s not always the case. At this roundtable, learn about how data can be manipulated, skewed, or collected so poorly that any findings are extremely suspect. This session aims to build critical literacy and build attendees’ understanding of data collection, statistics, visualizations including infographics, charts, graphs, and maps, and the Data Justice movement.

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  • Hypothesis Test, Univariate, and Bivariate Analysis with R

    In this beginner-level session, participants will learn the fundamentals of conducting hypothesis tests and performing univariate analysis using the R statistical software. This session will cover essential aspects of hypothesis testing, data preparation, and exploratory univariate analysis. Prior expertise in hypothesis testing or R may not be required.

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  • Line graph on computer screen

    Hypothesis Testing and Regression Analysis in R

    In this online module, participants will learn how to conduct hypothesis tests in R, along with correlation and regression analysis. The session will include t test, paired t test, ANOVA, regression, correlation, and covariance.

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  • Screen of Python programming code

    Intermediate Python Programming

    This intermediate-level workshop focuses on various flow control Statements and Functions used in Python programming, as well as covering error and exception handling, and connecting to a SQL database using Python.

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  • Arial photo of land

    Intro to ArcGIS StoryMaps

    ArcGIS Storymaps is a multimedia digital storytelling tool. It allows you to incorporate maps and apps from your ArcGIS account, as well as text, photos, and videos. This workshop will provide attendees with an introduction to storytelling using ArcGIS Storymaps.

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  • Maps

    Intro to Business Analyst Online

    The ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App (BAO) is a web application that allows users to map and analyze business, demographic, and consumer spending data. Users are also able to export data, maps, and reports to Microsoft Excel, PDF, or image formats.

    This workshop contains several brief video tutorials from Esri to help you get started using the program.

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  • Twine logo

    Intro to Creating Interactive Stories with Twine Games

    Twine is a beginner-friendly platform for building digital Choose Your Own Adventure Games. Follow along with the four tutorial videos to get started with Twine.

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