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  • Stack of newspapers

    Telling Data-Driven Stories: Lessons from Journalism

    In this workshop, Roberto Rocha (Data Journalist at CBC) takes participants through the steps of creating a data-driven story, from obtaining the data, to making sense of it, to writing an outline of a final article. Each step of the way, you’ll be prompted to consider and implement storytelling elements in the service of creating a data-driven story.

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  • Pile of open books

    Text Preparation and Analysis

    Are you interested in textual analysis but unsure of where to start? This workshop introducers readers to the fundamental concepts, processes, and methodological approaches for preparing and analyzing text. Following a general introduction, participants will learn how different software packages (OpenRefine, Python) can prepare for and perform textual analysis. Participants will gain the confidence to use a variety of software and computational approaches, and a better understanding of where to find additional learning resources.

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  • Text on paper

    Textual Analysis with Voyant

    Written documents can be transformed into data for visualization, helping Humanities scholars see texts in different ways. In this tutorial, we will use the web-based application Voyant Tools to analyze and visualize the text content of documents.

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  • Data viz of biomass of life

    The Value of Visuals in Science Communication

    This virtual talk by Mark Belan (Scientific Graphics Journalist) will introduce the basics of visual perception, its benefit to science communication efforts, and how anyone can manipulate design theory to create visuals (of whatever skill level) to tell impactful, effective, and ultimately better science stories.

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  • Black and white artistic rendering of brain

    Transcending Mental Models

    Brian Southwell, Senior Director of Science in the Public Sphere at the Research Triangle Institute, delivers a two-part workshop series on translating research for audiences beyond the university. In particular, Southwell focuses on understanding how social and political opinions are formed and reformed. Audiences are not blank slates, but bring their own mental models – thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences – to the conversation.

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  • Sunny illustrated cityscape

    Urban Heat Islands and Social Inequities: A Data-Driven Story

    In this talk, Nael Shiab and Isabelle Bouchard (CBC Journalists) present their work on urban heat islands, where they used open data and interactive data visualization to highlight social inequalities and the effects of global warming. Their report shows that immigrants and people with low income are most likely to live in the hottest urban areas, making them more vulnerable to heat waves with deadly consequences.

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