SCDS Academic Director Andrea Zeffiro Interviewed on “What’s the Point?” Podcast

SCDS Academic Director Andrea Zeffiro Interviewed on “What’s the Point?” Podcast

On the latest episode of “What’s the Point?” (a podcast that discusses the need for the arts and humanities), Dr. Andrea Zeffiro chats with host Bryony Armstrong about how the humanities and interdisciplinary inquiry at large help us address challenges in data science and technology.

Over the engaging half hour conversation, Andrea and Bryony elaborate on Andrea’s current research into data breaches, the human elements of cybersecurity, and potential issues for data privacy if institutions continue to defund the humanities.

As a preview of the conversation, enjoy this quotation by Dr. Zeffiro:

If I could think of possible interventions, it’s really about adding a human centered and a context specific lens to cybersecurity. So where humans are reframed from a problem to humans as a solution. And a lot of my thinking about how to go about doing this and conducting the research is informed by design justice frameworks. And again, this means centering audiences and end users that are normally marginalized by design processes. So I think, it’s a question of, how do people experience insecurities? What are the range of insecurities, and how to positionalities and lived experiences mediate, you know, people’s ability to access cybersecurity and safety?

Andrea Zeffiro, “What’s the Point?” Podcast

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