Project Portfolio

Over the last decade, the Sherman Centre has supported digital projects by graduate students, faculty, staff, and community groups.

  • YWCA Uplift Signage
  • Halo x Horn logo
  • Drone next to journal cover
  • Woman sleeping
  • Omeka S logo
  • Screen shot of the Omeka S exhibit "French Revolution of 1848" Features text, an oil painting, an a 19th century poster.
  • Screenshot from Learning In Colour Website. Text reads Anti-Racist Education.
  • Gif of a Dead Sea Scroll fragment being 32 printed.
  • Screenshot of Mapping Community Engaged Research Partnerships project
  • Screenshot of McMaster Experts database
  • Cyber Cinema podcast logo. Lime green font and headphone icon against orange background
  • Screenshot of Katherine Eaton's map of the plague's spread.
  • Screenshot of Cameron Anderson's Shiny App. Shows tree graphs of musical notes.
  • Collage of logos for digital exhibit platforms
  • Screenshot of Your Are(n't) Here Thinglink exhibit by Dr. Amanda Montague's students.
  • Screenshot of Shalen Prado's McMaster Microbotanical Research Database.
  • Test Your Dirt Hamilton home page.
  • Gif of Sarah Whitwell's database
  • Illustration of a dog wearing a sensory device
  • Screenshot of "Love Your City, Share Your Stories" website
  • Screenshot of Mica Jorgenson's map of the flow of objects throughout the Porcupine Gold Rush.
  • 3D printers at the Sherman Centre
  • Raspberry Interface for Xowa offline Wikipedia resting on the grass in a glass enclosure.
  • Banner for The Null Hypothesis

Highlights include:

If you would like to create a digital project of your own, please reach out to us at