SCDS Graduate Residency on Display

SCDS Graduate Residency on Display

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up blog posts, video presentations, and digital projects by past Graduate Residents. Take them as inspiration for the kind of work you might do at the Residency.

Browse this carousel of projects by past SCDS Graduate Residents:

  • Screenshot from Learning In Colour Website. Text reads Anti-Racist Education.
  • A colorized visualization of the rolled reconstruction of 1QM, courtesy of Michael Brooks Johnson
  • Screenshot of Cameron Anderson's app
  • Photograph of ancient pottery fragments
  • Gif of a Dead Sea Scroll fragment being 32 printed.
  • Illustration of a dog wearing a sensory device
  • A network visualization displaying types of violence used against African Americans and the methods of resistance used in response. This visualization was created using a small subset of data from the Slave Narrative Collection.
  • Gif of Katherine Eaton's database.
  • Protestors hold laptops and signs that read 100 DAYS NO INTERNET
  • Screenshot of Katherine Eaton's map of the plague's spread.
  • Raspberry Interface for Xowa offline Wikipedia resting on the grass in a glass enclosure.
  • Screenshot of Mica Jorgenson's map of the flow of objects throughout the Porcupine Gold Rush.
  • Microscope image of Rondel phytoliths
  • Screenshot of title page of Samantha Stevens-Hall's Omeka exhibit of Uganda's Intellectual History: A Digital Archive
  • Scanning a molcajete and temolote for 3D printing

Explore work by past Graduate Residents:

Read blog posts by 2021-2022 Graduate Residents.

Watch videos of Graduate Residents discussing their experiences in the program.

  • 2020 Graduate Residents Emily Van Haren, Helen Beny, Adrianna Michell, and Raquel Burgess join SCDS Academic Director Andrea Zeffiro and SCDS Postdoctoral Fellow Amanda Montague in a conversation about digital scholarship, including their work on food blogs, internet blackouts, Twitter collectives, and online surveillance.
  • 2021-2022 Graduate Residents Cameron Anderson, Duygu Ertemin, Brianne Morgan, and Akacia Propst discuss their work building a musical app, digital exhibit on ancient Greek pottery, and open-access journal that brings scientific research to the public.
  • 2021-2022 Graduate Residents Adrianna Michell and Emma Croll-Baehre discuss their work on the movement and twinfluencers.
  • Past Graduate Residents Maddie Brockbank, Shaila Jamal, and Jess Rauchberg discuss their work building the Learning in Colour web resource, creating an OER for students in the Earth, Environment, and Society program, and examining how content creators challenge online ableism and shadowbanning.

We encourage applicants to think of digital scholarship as expansively as possible. Past residents have created online journals, built open educational resources, coded interactive apps, studied social media, assembled databases, examined off-grid wi-fi access, and much more. The possibilities are endless. 

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