DS Librarian John Fink Recognized in New Publication

DS Librarian John Fink Recognized in New Publication
John Fink developed a Reddit data scraper tool to support research on the Lying Flat movement in China

In 2022, Digital Scholarship Librarian John Fink assisted Dr. Yanqiu Rachel Zhou (Professor of Health, Aging, and Society at McMaster University) with a macro analysis of Reddit comments about the “Lying Flat Movement” in China. At the time, we highlighted John’s open-source code for scraping Reddit comments. Now, this research has found its final form as a peer-reviewed article in the Globalizations journal.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhou on the publication and to John for playing a key role in this research!

Read the article abstract below and, with institutional access, read the full piece here.

Abstract by Dr. Yanqiu Rachel Zhou: Youth withdrawal or ‘stagnant youth’ – such as hikikomori in Japan, NEET in Europe, and the lying flat movement in China – has been widely observed in recent decades. Seen as a culture- or geography-based and discrete phenomenon, however, its global connections across times and spaces are overlooked. Through the lens of globality or global consciousness of connectivity, this article explores how a news report on China’s lying flat movement was discussed by global youth on Reddit, an online idea exchange platform, and how this collective reading event has enabled their senses of transplanetary connectivity and generational solidarity. I argue that consciousness of connectivity, especially from the perspectives of those who are habitually peripheralized, can function as an important entry point to better understanding the shared predicaments, as well as potentials, of young people who feel stuck or ‘out of place and pace’ at the current stage of contemporary globalization.