Demystifying Digital Scholarship

1. What Is Digital Scholarship and why does it matter?

Friday October 23 / 10:00 to 4:00

This workshop introduces the ethos and motivations that drive digital scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. Together, we will examine several existing digital humanities and digital scholarship projects in order to understand their goals, their construction, and the terms on which they’re evaluated. We will also examine resources for getting started in digital scholarship, both at McMaster, and in the larger academic community. Instructor: Paige Morgan / class slide deck

2. Web Platforms and Publishing

Friday January 29 / 10:00 to 12:00

Join us for the first Demystifying Digital Scholarship session of 2016 as we explore the issues and options that adhere to various Web platforms. This is most definitely not a “learn to make Web page or Website” session, but rather an exploration of the options one has when it comes time–as it nearly inevitably does–to put a project online. Website creation is one of the great constants of digital scholarship, and we want scholars to know their options and to avoid being thwarted by a lack of awareness that one has choices. Instructor: Dale Askey / class slide deck

3. Data Wrangling

Friday February 12 / 10:00 to 12:00

Join us for the next installment in the 2016 Demystifying Digital Scholarship series, as we explore the fundamentals of data wrangling — the conversion of data from raw (“wild”) formats into those that can be integrated with other data sets and used in further analyses. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss some of the common challenges of making data ‘work’ with a project, and introduce a variety of general strategies and specific techniques for succesfull data wrangling. Instructor: Jay Brodeur

4. Basic of Programming

Friday February 26 / 10:00 to 12:00

Come learn the basics of programming at our upcoming Demystifying Digital Scholarship workshop! Digital Scholarship Librarian John Fink will give a brief background of what programming is and give you a taste of creating your own programs. Please bring a laptop if you are able to as a good portion of this class will require one. Instructor: John Fink

5. Project Ideation

Friday March 11 / 10:00 to 12:00

Please join us for our fourth installment in the 2016 Demystifying Digital Scholarship series, as we explore project ideation and development for digital scholarship. In this interactive workshop, we will explore digital scholarship tools and resources, planning for a project’s long-term success, traditional and non-traditional modes of scholarly dissemination, and project development in the classroom. Instructor: Andrea Zeffiro / class slide deck

6. Knowledge Mobilization

Friday April 1 / 10:00 to 12:00

Please join us for our final installment in the 2016 Demystifying Digital Scholarship series, as we explore Knowledge Mobilization. In this workshop, we will look at various definitions of Knowledge Mobilization, the evolving research environment that places a greater emphasis on the significance of Knowledge Mobilization, and the services provided by the university to assist researchers with their Knowledge Mobilization strategies. Instructor: Gabriela Mircea / class slide deck