HUM2DH3: Collaborative, Critical, Creative: Introduction to Digital Scholarship
*Previously titled Introduction to Digital Humanities

Calendar Description: This course will introduce students to digital scholarship research methods and tools. Students will learn about three primary impulses that drive digital scholarship: analysis, preservation, and resource creation. They will work with existing digital resources, learning to use and assess them effectively; and will also digitize material to create new resources while learning about copyright, intellectual property, and accessibility. 3 unit(s) / Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of a program in the Faculty of Humanities

Electronics for the Rest of Us

An undergraduate course in the experiential learning track co-sponsored by the Integrated Science (iSci) and Arts & Science (ArtSci) programs here at McMaster. In a nutshell it’s a six-session course where the students learn the basics of the Arduino platform–both coding and electronics–and create a demonstration project.