Please join us for DATA QUE/E/RIES, a public seminar focused on putting forward provocations for ways of thinking about ‘big data’. In particular, we turn to queer perspectives to help us address and unravel some of the assumptions, biases, and limitations of a big data paradigm, and ultimately, envision relations outside of its governing logic.

Brief formal presentations will be complemented by lively discussion. No formal technical training or domain specific knowledge is required. The seminar is aimed at graduate students in particular, however, faculty and undergraduate students are most welcome to attend.

Seminar schedule and resources:

Discussants: Osman Ahmed, Mike Beattie, Nina Cammalleri, Luc Cousineau, Arun Jacob, Jade Lalonde, Ian Miculan, Luis Navarro Del Angel, Paula Pimentel Daidone, Desai Spanos, Whitney Thompson, Kim Tindale

Respondents:  Dr. Rena Bivens, School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University; Dr. Mélanie Millette, Département de communication sociale et publique de l’UQAM; Dr. Andrea Zeffiro, Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia, McMaster University

DATA QUE/E/RIES is a public seminar organized as part of CSMM 708: Technocultural Politics and Practices of Big Data, and the Critical Methods in Technoculture Series, in collaboration with the Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship.


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