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So Long, Thanks for all the Fish, and Promises to Keep.

Today is my last day here at the Sherman Centre, and it’s a bit melancholy. I honestly believe the model of the Centre–where faculty and graduate students don’t hand the work off to be processed but are active participants in

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Database Programming for Automated Metadata Retrieval

An important foundation of my dissertation is the acquisition of metadata from online repositories. I often spend my time working with records of infectious disease outbreaks where the metadata can take the form of: Date a pathogen was isolated from

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Why 3D Print Dead Sea Scrolls? Some Initial Observations on the Benefits of 3D Printing for Manuscript Reconstruction

In the latest phase of my project, I have been experimenting with 3D printing Dead Sea Scroll fragments to see how they might be useful for reconstructing manuscripts. My work has focused mostly on the Thanksgiving Hymns and the War

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Summertime Scholar

Every year when June rolls around, I think, Finally, I can focus on my thesis. My RA/TAship is over, campus is empty and quiet, and the gentle hum of the university a/c will be the theme song of the perfect

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DH@Guelph – Visualizing My Data

I have been working on my relational database for over six months now. I am still inputting new data as I continue to review testimony on racialized violence, but the database is taking shape with hundreds of unique records describing

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DH@Guelph – Digital Storytelling

Its been a month since I returned from DH@Guelph, the annual workshop series put on by THINC Lab May 14-17 2018. This year I registered for Digital Storytelling for Humanists, a fun & creative workshop designed to get us thinking about

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Back to Scrolling Models of Dead Sea Scrolls

In this blogpost, I will explain the connection between the initial phases of my work at the Sherman Centre, which focused on textual reconstructions in 1QHa, and how they feed into my current work on 3D modelling the War Scroll

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Local Networks: Research on Accessing Offline Internet Content By and For Marginalized Communities

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Communications Cultural Studies and New Media Program at McMaster University, my research revolves around the application of new media to create personal archives for individuals or relatively small communities, groups and peoples,

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Expert-sourcing historical and contemporary vaccine hesitancy

Blog 2 of 4! Last time I posted about the various resources for mapping and the various maps that inspired me to create the “Atlas of Vaccine Hesitancy”. Today I will be sharing the map that is filled in nicely,

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Preliminary Mapping of Global Disease Data

It has recently been argued that the modern pandemic of plague is unambiguously and exclusively caused by strains of bacteria dispersed out of Hong Kong in 1894 (Achtman, 2016). This statement appears to hold true for epidemics with socio-historical links

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