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By: Raquel Burgess, PhD student, Dept of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Yale School of Public Health ** Contains spoilers for the HBO series Westworld Recently, we have witnessed an ongoing and important debate about whether governments should be able to …

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Though COVID-19 has forced many to adapt to digital tools, food historians seem to be seasoned citizens in the world of technology. Long before 2020, there were food history websites, blogs, podcasts and Youtube channels created by history enthusiasts and …

Jumbles- Digital Tools & Historical Recipe Reconstruction. Read More »

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A lecture series featuring emerging digital scholars from McMaster University, the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo. Dr. Amanda Montague, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sherman Centre will deliver a talk on November 5.

Since COVID-19 caused universities to shutter, it seems as though every researcher has had to contend with the upending of their usual routine. The pandemic closed our usual productive spaces like libraries and offices, it has sent us packing home. …

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“Do you have a food blog?” As a scholar studying the intersections of food and digital media, I’ve been asked this question many times. In addition to signalling genuine interest in my research, the question might also imply that blogging …

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For the final visualization of my residency, I constructed a NextStrain Narrative Exhibit. This digital display weaves together geospatial information, genetic data, and interpretative text to explore the history of the infectious disease “The Plague”.

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In my last residency update, I discussed two major goals: Reconstructing the spread of a historically important disease (the Plague!), and Creating a digital exhibit combining interactive visuals with narrative text. I’m pleased to say that I have a working …

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Hello! Last time round, I talked about my Sherman Centre research project into the annual Saveur food blog awards, where I track the demographic data of recognized food bloggers to determine if/how the Awards promote the digital food work of underrepresented …

Digital Demography: Reflections on a tabular data method(ology) Read More »

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Over the last 70 years, the history of the Palestinian Arabic dialect has presented a rare natural experiment because it had extensive contact with Hebrew. Presently, a distance of a few kilometers between two locations in Israel, the West Bank …

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Why is it so hard to get data, when data is everywhere? We live in the Golden Age of the Internet, with millions of web-pages instantly accessible to provide a steady stream of services and entertainment. Not only has this …

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