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Documenting the Research Process: Keeping Track of Higher-Order Concerns

In a digital humanities project, the most important task is the one that is also the easiest to neglect: the documentation of the research process. Documenting the process is important because it preserves the hard-won insights, trials, and most importantly,

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Literature Reviews DH-Style!

So you’ve got a new topic and a new project and you’ve no idea how to get started. And by you, I mean me, and by topic, let’s say specifically the ‘novel’ discipline of Digital Anthropology. For my first blog

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8 Simple Rules for Fixing Your GIS Imposter Syndrome*

*I don’t have eight separate rules, but I was told to create an “engaging title” so here we are. My name is Sam, and I’m a doctoral candidate in the History Department here at McMaster. I specialize in Cold War

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The Importance of Narrative

It has been a year since I first started working on my relational database. For those who have not been following my journey, I have used my time at the Sherman Centre thus far to construct a relational database that

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The new words of English – A computational approach

Imagine that every day, approximately 15 new words are introduced in the English language.  And some of them are rapidly adopted by speakers and added to dictionaries. For example, if you have not heard the word “infomania” yet, then check

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2018-2019 Graduate Residency – Call for Applicants

The Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship invites applications for the 2018-2019 Graduate Residency in Digital Scholarship. The residency program is designed to assist outstanding graduate students who are interested in developing digital scholarship as a component of

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Continuing Research On Local Networks

Since my last post, I have been continuing my research on offline Local Area Networks (LAN) in order to create new community bonds and circumvent some of the external pressures (commercial incentives and interventions) and violences (online bullying and aggression)

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So Long, Thanks for all the Fish, and Promises to Keep.

Today is my last day here at the Sherman Centre, and it’s a bit melancholy. I honestly believe the model of the Centre–where faculty and graduate students don’t hand the work off to be processed but are active participants in

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Database Programming for Automated Metadata Retrieval

An important foundation of my dissertation is the acquisition of metadata from online repositories. I often spend my time working with records of infectious disease outbreaks where the metadata can take the form of: Date a pathogen was isolated from

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Why 3D Print Dead Sea Scrolls? Some Initial Observations on the Benefits of 3D Printing for Manuscript Reconstruction

In the latest phase of my project, I have been experimenting with 3D printing Dead Sea Scroll fragments to see how they might be useful for reconstructing manuscripts. My work has focused mostly on the Thanksgiving Hymns and the War

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