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HASTAC Scholars @ Sherman

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Montague (Sherman Postdoctoral Fellow), and Katherine Eaton (Sherman Graduate Resident, Department of Anthropology) on being named HASTAC Scholars for 2019-2021.   The Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) brings together outstanding graduate and

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From Sherman Centre Project to Postdoctoral Fellowship

I am not writing this blog post from my cubicle in the Sherman Centre but from the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During my 2018–2019 graduate residency, I secured an Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship at the

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Call for Applications: 2019-2020 Graduate Residency

We invite applications for the 2019-2020 Graduate Residency in Digital Scholarship. The residency program is designed to assist outstanding graduate students to work on a research project in digital scholarship, broadly defined, which challenges and expands their respective fields. Residents

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Resistance, Racialized Violence, and Database Design (Part 2)

My work creating a relational database on incidents of racialized violence in the postemancipation South has involved a great deal of thinking about how we define violence and resistance. Too often these terms are loosely defined – if they are

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The Development of a Localized MediaWiki Server for Digital Archiving Using Community Based Democratic Content Moderation

  Systemic marginalization of communities of colour and the mirroring of this marginalization in online and digital spaces is a problem for civic engagement and more generally democratic process. My research seeks to use a Critical Race and Technology theoretical

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DH and Mining History – Lessons from ASEH

This spring, environmental historians from around the world gathered in Columbus, Ohio for the American Society for Environmental History’s annual meeting (ASEH). The historical discipline has a complicated relationship with digital techniques dating back to the high optimism around cliometrics

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University Classrooms: Difficult to Escape or Tempting to Engage?

It’s unnerving that I have been teaching for 4+ years at a University level but was never taught how to teach. I certainly am competent enough to google “tips for effective lecturing”, and yet that never crossed my mind. Until

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Documenting the Research Process: Keeping Track of Higher-Order Concerns

In a digital humanities project, the most important task is the one that is also the easiest to neglect: the documentation of the research process. Documenting the process is important because it preserves the hard-won insights, trials, and most importantly,

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Literature Reviews DH-Style!

So you’ve got a new topic and a new project and you’ve no idea how to get started. And by you, I mean me, and by topic, let’s say specifically the ‘novel’ discipline of Digital Anthropology. For my first blog

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8 Simple Rules for Fixing Your GIS Imposter Syndrome*

*I don’t have eight separate rules, but I was told to create an “engaging title” so here we are. My name is Sam, and I’m a doctoral candidate in the History Department here at McMaster. I specialize in Cold War

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