Author: Melissa Legge


In July of 2016, events transpired at HackLab.TO, Canada’s oldest makerspace, that are revealing about the political state of the maker community. It is my hope that this personal reflection, detailing the events that I was personally implicated in, will offer

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When to Call a Project Dead Instead of Done

At the beginning of my SCDS fellowship, I sat down and outlined my goals for the year. Realizing that there was some serious skill development that needed to happen in order for me to be able to achieve them, I

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Sci-Fi and Social Work

By Melissa Marie Legge, 2015 Sherman Fellow “Dolly the sheep is real, not a science fiction character” (Braidotti, 2014, p. 197). I picture myself at the beginning of my undergraduate studies, and I wonder what I would have thought if

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