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So Long, Thanks for all the Fish, and Promises to Keep.

Today is my last day here at the Sherman Centre, and it’s a bit melancholy. I honestly believe the model of the Centre–where faculty and graduate students don’t hand the work off to be processed but are active participants in

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Humanities 2dh3 Final Presentations

The students in the Winter, 2018 Humanities 2DH3 course had, for their final assignment, the option to produce videos for the Sherman Centre video wall on a social justice topic of their choosing.  The assignment had to use the data

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New Middle English Dictionary interface — now with readable sourcecode!

The medieval social media communities, at least those that do work in Middle English, are abuzz about the new Middle English Dictionary search interface that Henry Litwhiler put together. And it much much slicker than the now over decade-old interface

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2016 Sherman Graduate Fellows

Once again, we received an excellent pool of applications for the Sherman Centre Graduate Fellowship, indicative of the growth of digital scholarship and the digital humanities at McMaster as well as the interest of emerging scholars in the digital as

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Some Thoughts on Transparency in Digital Scholarship

Hello, all! I hope your semesters have gotten off to a good start. I am in the throes of reading, writing, and editing, with two articles I’m waiting for proofs on, two edited volumes either waiting for initial submissions or

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Introducing myself and Raycasting 101.

Hi, my name is Matthew Davis, and I am the new Postdoctoral Fellow here at the Sherman Centre.  I’m generally not good at biographies or introductions, but I figured I’d take this opportunity to talk a little bit about myself,

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