Author: Katherine Eaton

University Classrooms: Difficult to Escape or Tempting to Engage?

It’s unnerving that I have been teaching for 4+ years at a University level but was never taught how to teach. I certainly am competent enough to google “tips for effective lecturing”, and yet that never crossed my mind. Until

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Literature Reviews DH-Style!

So you’ve got a new topic and a new project and you’ve no idea how to get started. And by you, I mean me, and by topic, let’s say specifically the ‘novel’ discipline of Digital Anthropology. For my first blog

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Database Programming for Automated Metadata Retrieval

An important foundation of my dissertation is the acquisition of metadata from online repositories. I often spend my time working with records of infectious disease outbreaks where the metadata can take the form of: Date a pathogen was isolated from

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Preliminary Mapping of Global Disease Data

It has recently been argued that the modern pandemic of plague is unambiguously and exclusively caused by strains of bacteria dispersed out of Hong Kong in 1894 (Achtman, 2016). This statement appears to hold true for epidemics with socio-historical links

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Plotting a Plague Pandemic

Little Hitchhikers Humans are more than just singular beings, we are “Superorganisms”: vessels for thousands of small life forms that make up our microbiome. We have complex relationships with these resident microbes, ranging from beneficial to parasitic, which are influenced

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