Author: Alexis-Carlota Cochrane
Alexis-Carlota (she/her) is a Queer Latinx academic researching Latinx identities, cultural stigma surrounding mental health, informal learning environments, and racial activism on social media. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology and a Certificate of Digital Communications from Sheridan College. Alexis-Carlota is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Communication and New Media at McMaster University. Her Major Research Project is entitled: #LatinidadisCancelled: How Latinx University Students are Using Social Media Platforms to Enact Cultural Change. She has accepted a PhD offer at McMaster University’s Communication, New Media and Cultural Studies program (2021). Keep up with Alexis on twitter: @alexis_carlota Learn more:

Looking beyond the traditionally ‘academic’ for knowledge mobilization. As a social media and cultural researcher, I think my fascination with social media goes without saying. In fact, social media and digital community have become the subject of my graduate research …

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