ERU: The Tweeting Weather Station, in progress

Main Idea
The goal for our Arduino project is to construct a portable weather station that is able to tweet updates of heat and light conditions in its environment. We would also like to attach an RGB that lights up different colours depending on the conditions sensed by the “weather station”. This device would be useful to show the ability of the Arduino to take a serial input (light, temperature) and produce a serial output (tweet and light) based on the input. This project also showcases the communication from the Arduino to another program, in this case Python, which enables communication through the internet to the twitter account to send a message based on a serial input.

Where are we now?
At this time, we have set up the twitter interface and have wired the hardware to take inputs from the heat ad light sensor and give outputs to the RGB. You can follow our project on Twitter at @fun_colourz to see our tweeted progress as the project evolves.













Future Steps
Our next steps include programming the Arduino to match the serial inputs with the proper outputs. We would also like to make a list of tweets that may be sent out for specific inputs. There will be multiple tweets for each range of inputs and a random number generator will be used to determine which of the tweets are sent out.

End Goal
The end goal of our project is to have a weather station Arduino that has different lights corresponding to different ranges of heat and light. The weather station will also send out a range of tweets corresponding to the heat and light inputs and will update the twitter account in real-time for changing conditions.

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