Our Team

Andrea Zeffiro, Academic Director – With a decade of experience working within interdisciplinary digital research networks in Canada, Andrea is invested in thinking methodologically about, with and through digital technologies. In addition to serving as Academic Director for the Sherman Centre, Andrea is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia. If you have practical or philosophical questions concerning digital scholarship, Andrea would very much like to hear from you.

Dale Askey, Administrative Director – In addition to filling to role of Administrative Director for the Sherman Centre, Dale is also the Associate University Librarian, Library & Learning Technologies. While firmly ensconced in IT management, his background is in German literature. One of these days, he plans to turn years of research on German minority literature from the Czech and Slovak Republics into a dissertation that incorporates emerging digital humanities methodologies, but for now he’s focused on building the Sherman Centre into a successful research centre.

John Fink, Digital Scholarship Librarian – John’s talents lie in complex and innovative systems administration and project management. He also has an interest in the maker/hacker element in digital scholarship, and is frequently spotted tinkering with esoteric hardware. If you are interested in having the Sherman Centre support your project, John is an excellent first contact.

Gabriela Mircea, Digital Repository Librarian – Gabriela has as her main task the building and maintenance of the complex architecture that ingests and archives our myriad digital collections. What may sound simple is actually a set of complex interrelated tasks that requires a great deal of technical and organizational savvy. Over the years, she has built a thorough and in-depth knowledge of institutional repositories and finds digital preservation a very engaging aspect of the digital environment.

Matt McCollow, Programmer – Matt has serious programming chops, but his interests range far beyond code. He’s currently working on a math degree, and shares the Sherman fascination with odd and unusual computer hardware.

Matthew Davis, Postdoctoral Fellow – A scholar of late medieval English drama, hagiography, and material textuality, his interest in digital scholarship comes in two flavors: first, he’s acutely interested in the “thingness” of digital presentation. Beyond that, though, he’s also interested in ways that digital tools and methods serve as shadow theories, influencing scholarship without being overtly recognized as doing so. The practical application of these two interests can be seen both in his standard publications and in his visualization and 3d modeling projects.  He is also developing an online archive of the minor works of the poet John Lydgate, which can be found at www.minorworksoflydgate.net.

Advisory Committee

John Bell
Director, Humanities Media Computing, Faculty of Humanities

Dr. Michelle Dion
Acting Director,  Institute for Quantitative and Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Dr. Elzbieta Grodek
Assistant Professor, Department of French

Dr. Elkafi Hassini
Acting Director, MacDATA Institute
Associate Professor, DeGroote School of Business

Dr. Victor Kuperman
Canada Research Chair in Psycholinguistics
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics and Languages

Dr. Ian Milligan
Assistant Professor, Department of History
University of Waterloo

Dr. Ranil Sonnadara
Special Advisor to the Vice-President (Research)
Executive Director, Research and High Performance Computing
Director, Education Science & Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Director, RHPCS

Dr. Netina Tan
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science