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SCDS Hackerspace

Electronics for the Rest of Us – undergraduate course

Hackfest (22-24 March 2013): Ongoing project to develop a draft sharing platform for humanists using exciting technologies such as Angular and Node.js.

Digital Humanities Group (in progress)

Sherman Centre media wall – This is an ongoing project to display the Centre’s work on our fabulous media wall.

McMaster University Digital Archive – is part of the infrastructure supporting the campus community in describing, delivering, and preserving digital objects. The Digital Repository guarantees long-term retention by continuously evaluating adherence to acknowledged digital preservation policies and practices. By providing reliable long-term access, the service is placed strategically to support the library and the university in following the organizational academic mission of “discovery, communication, and preservation of knowledge”.

Hamilton Times – a project with Dwayne Ali, a graduate student in the humanities, to build a user-submitted, database-driven calendar of events in and around Hamilton, with an eye towards producing a long term source of linked event data.

McMaster’s Research Activities Mapping Project (RAMP) is a Forward with Integrity-funded project, where an interdisciplinary team will develop an interactive visual representation of research expertise and interests at McMaster. The tool will consist of layered maps (geographical and conceptual) illustrating the University’s research activities and collaborations both locally and around the world. This resource is intended to facilitate knowledge mobilization and collaboration and to enhance the connections between undergraduate and graduate students and research activities, both within courses and beyond.