Makerspace changes

Thanks to a helpful suggestion from Andrew Mactavish, chair of Communication Studies and Multimedia, we are making some radical changes to the Sherman Centre makerspace. As anyone who has seen it knows, it was never a planned thing, but rather something that grew out of conversations with various students and faculty. It’s grown organically, and while our work with 3D printing and with teaching the basics of making and electronics to undergraduate students has grown with it, the space has stagnated a bit in its current locale. Andrew noted that we had a quiet zone over by our entrance, when it would be better to have something there that catches the eye better. We know as well as anyone that a 3D printer is effective at grabbing eyeballs, so a plan was born.

What we’ve done is remove the three booths that were by our ramp. One has moved back by our kitchenette, where it’s now a really nice place to eat lunch or have a coffee, while the other two migrated up to the Learning Commons, where they will surely be loved. In their place, we have constructed a very long counter and thirty feet of attractive wall mounted cabinets with glass and aluminum doors. Once the project is completed in a few days, we will begin moving our printers and other materials over to this space. Here’s the current progress:

sherman makerspace

Makerspace under construction

We plan to use its new location to thematize better what we do with this makerspace–which is mostly related to research and course development–and to direct the curious to other maker services on campus, such as the public 3D printing service we operate in the Lyons New Media Centre or the proposed makerspace in Thode Library.

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