Expert-sourcing historical and contemporary vaccine hesitancy

Blog 2 of 4! Last time I posted about the various resources for mapping and the various maps that inspired me to create the “Atlas of Vaccine Hesitancy”. Today I will be sharing the map that is filled in nicely, and an expert-sourcing webpage that I will be deploying to continue to populate the map.

The first prototype of my map looks like this, please click the image below to load the map:

  1. Software: I used ArcGIS online “StoryMaps Series Tabbed” to create 6 tabs that allows users to browse by continent. I added 3 feature layers with temporal data, including the percentage of immunization coverage from 1900 to 2007, and an animated time-based data app (slider bar at the bottom) to allow users to navigate chronological immunization percentages and its correlated vaccine hesitancy incidences, then, I embedded a Geoform in the legend that describes the purpose of the map.
  2. The pins are color-coded based on the types of vaccines that the vaccine hesitancy incidence was against. These pins are clickable, and within the description are information extracted from the csv. file that I populated, including 1) the rationale of the hesitancy (e.g., financial, political, social, conspiratorial, folklore, popular contemporary belief, religious, etc), these rationales are blurry in my opinion, and definitely up for discussion as to how appropriate are they in terms of representing the incidence, 2)  date (year-month-date) of the incidence, 3) whether it is an ongoing or resolved event, 4) the country and city that the event occurred, 5) a URL of a photo, video, document or journal article that documents the event, 6) and the incident’s impact on policy and whether it led to outbreaks or other outcomes).
  3. I collected a list of experts on anti-vaccine and vaccine hesitancy, including their name, their expertise, email, and a link to ArcGIS Geoform (seen below) will be sent to them. Users have optioned to remain anonymous, all comments will be verified then posted. Please click the image below to load the form.

I hope in the next three months the forms get populated. All suggestions are very welcomed to improve the functionality of the map, please email me at if you’d like to contact me, thanks!


Currently Health Policy PhD candidate at McMaster University and incoming Sherman Centre Digital Scholarship Residence for 2017-2018. I’m here to build an interactive crowdsourcing map called “The Atlas of Vaccine Hesitancy”, a project that will document and trace health beliefs around the globe that contributes to vaccine hesitancy. Cares about health for all. BSN, RN, MS in Public Health Policy and Management, GradCert in Global Health and HIV/STI prevention. Twitter @MelodieYJSong

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