ERU2 – Winter 2015: Jamie’s Progress

By Jamie Beverly

Progress since my last post has been somewhat slow but I’ve finally managed to get my computer to recognize the Arduino as a MIDI device! The instructions I was originally following are outlined in the HIDuino github project at :
The documentation recommends you to use software called ‘AVR Crosspack’ to flash new firmware to the Arduino. The AT16megau2 is an AVR chip, and AVR created Crosspack to allow tinkerers to reprogram AVR chips. Once Crosspack was installed, I tried to flash the demo firmware onto the Arduino. To do this, you have to navigate to the directory in which the firmware exists using Terminal, and evaluate
avrdude -p at90usb82 -F -P (your specific usb port name here) -c avrispmkii -U flash:w:arduino_midi.hex \ -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:w:0xD9:m -U efuse:w:0xF4:m -U lock:w:0x0F:m
But it turned out not to be that simple…
I repeatedly got an error saying
timeout communicating with programmer
avr dude:ser_drain(): read error: Device not configured
I figured this may have had something to do with not specifying the correct usb port, but I ruled this not to be the case, as when I put some random string in for the usb port I got a different error. After finding little help on online forums, I decided to try a different tutorial, and found something on the Arduino website:
This project suggests you use Mac ports instead of AVR Crosspack to flash the firmware so I installed Macports and tried again. But then it turned out that the firmware that this project recommends you to flash (MocoLUFA) no longer exists… So I tried flashing the firmware from the first project using Mac Ports and no success….
Back tracking a bit I found ANOTHER tutorial on the Arduino website outlining how to update the Arduino’s firmware. It turns out that you have to put the Arduino into ‘DFU Mode’ before you attempt to flash new firmware. While the Arduino is powered on you have to connect two pins that are sticking up on the Arduino board (see picture 2). A little hesitant to try it at first but nothing blew up!
Trying again with Mac Ports annndd….. SUCCESS! – The MIDI firmware from the HIDuino Github repository successfully flashed to the Arduino.
The next step was to make sure my computer recognized it as a MIDI device. Going to the AudioMIDI Setup application on my Mac, I found that indeed my computer recognized the Arduino!
Next step is to upload a sketch to the Arduino that adds some functionality to the board and to create a breadboard interface!
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