ERU1, Fall 2017 – Matthew’s Post

By Matthew

Electronics for the Rest of Us! Part 1 was a great experience. I had always been fascinated by how everyday electronics functioned, and the workshop gave a sneak peak as to how they work from both the software and hardware aspects. We used Arduino to build circuits that were able to use various sensory inputs and outputs to perform tasks that we assigned to it.
For example, we were able to measure the temperature using a thermoresistor, measure the intensity of light using a photoreceptor, play sounds using a small speaker and much more. For our project at the end, my partner and I created a Mario themed thermostat. It was able to detect different levels of temperature using the thermoresistor and a different colour on the LED lit up and a different song played depending on the temperature range. If it was too cold, the RGB LED lit up to turn blue and the underworld theme from Mario played on the speaker, if the temperature was at a good level the LED would turn green, and if it was too hot then the LED would turn red and the flagpole theme played. Being a pianist, I was able to come up the songs from scratch from the sheet music, it was pretty tedious but super rewarding!
Overall, this workshop was a great experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone.


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