ERU1, Fall 2017 – Constantine’s Post

By Constantine

Electronics for the Rest of Us was an enjoyable course that let me get a feel for how electronics work. This course is geared towards people who want to get more experience with electronics, and to those who are new to it. The programming that is involved is very simple and can be learned by new programmers. The instructors were amazing, they were enthusiastic to teach us and were very active in helping us out when we made a mistake in our code or schematic, as well as answer any questions that we had about electronics and how things work. We used an Arduino kit, a small circuit board that is able to be programmed fairly easily.

Not only did it help me understand how circuits worked, but also gave me some experience with coding. We had to learn how to read schematics and what different symbols meant, and from there we created a few circuits following schematics but were then able to try and alter the code and do stuff that we wanted it to do. Something that I found really cool is that we were able to show different colours on an LED based on the temperature in the room. We made the colour blue represent when the room was cold, and the colour red to represent when the room was warm.

For the last project, we were given time to create anything we wanted while achieving a few requirements. My partner and I created a thermostat that would change colour when the room temperature changed, as well as play a song when the room was too hot or played a different song if the room was too cold. Overall, this course was very educational and it was something different, as we were able to get hands-on¬†experience, something that isn’t done that much with a lot of university courses. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves creating things and wants to expand their knowledge of how electronics works.

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