ERU1, Fall 2015 – Kat’s Post

By: Kat Clark

“Introducing, the new CanadaTemp®: the most accessible and patriotic thermometer on the market! Endorsed by both the CNIB and the Canadian Hearing Society*, the CanadaTemp® relays temperature information in real time, both visually and audibly. After setting an optimal temperature range, the CanadaTemp® lets you know if you’re in the comfort zone. The CanadaTemp® features a display bulb, which turns blue if it’s too cold, red if it’s too hot, but maintains a beautiful fuchsia when the temperature is just right. Additionally, these cues may be given audibly with a touch of a button. Two low buzzes indicate that the temperature is too hot, and two high tones indicate that the temperature is too cold. A pleasant escalating tone indicates you’re nice and cozy at the right temperature. By ordering the CanadaTemp® now, you’ll receive a unique bonus feature! With the touch of a button, the CanadaTemp® will play O’ Canada, Canada’s entire national anthem! This feature comes free with every CanadaTemp® purchased. Get yours now before they’re gone!

*These claims may not be true

Although this invention is not a real product, it certainly has value by demonstrating how much I learned in three days. I went into Electronics for the Rest of Us knowing absolutely nothing about programming, except perhaps a few Maple and MatLab commands. By the end of the course, I had made a unique thermometer!

The actual wiring had a relatively easy setup. My thermometer only needed two speakers, two buttons, a thermistor, a few resistors, and an LED bulb. The code I used was mostly a collection of elements from sample codes. My largest challenge was finding a way to integrate all of the features of my thermometer together.  I managed to do this by using a series of “if’ and “else” statements. ­­­

I learned a lot from this course, and I am now more confident with learning new coding languages. I can’t wait to learn more so that I can say I’m trilingual, in English, French, and Arduino!”


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