ERU1, Fall 2015 – Amara’s Post

By: Amara Gutierrez
I was fortunate to take part in the Experiential Learning Unit: Electronics and the Rest of Us Part One where we learned about the Arduino, specifically its open-source computer platform and basic programming of its software. Going into the course, I had no previous experience with electronic programming but was eager to learn the basics of what makes a circuit run. I was tired of being naïve to how electronics worked and of being intimidated by programming. I was impressed with how much our professors were able to teach us and the support I got from the other students in the course. I chose to do the entire course with a partner because that way we could check each other’s work and work off of each other’s ideas.

The first day was about familiarizing ourselves with the Arduino hardware and software. We ran pre-set circuits that manipulated a small LED light. The second day we learned how to code our own circuits by altering and combining pre-existing codes. We worked with Arduino add-ons including photoresistors, potentiometers, and buttons to manipulate small LED lights. Finally, on our last day, we created our own devices incorporating some add-ons we had not worked with before. Alison and I made a device that controlled the colour changes of an RBG LED along with corresponding musical notes that played with colour changes of our LED. We used a photoresistor, potentiometer, and separate LED light to control our RBG and a speaker to play the musical notes. I was very happy with the results of taking this course and the support I received from its instructors. Below is a picture of our final product:




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