ERU1, Fall 2015 – Alison’s Post

By: Alison St. Pierre

All university students go through the experience of feeling useless. What have we really created? How much of this essay is rhetoric or a variation of the word therefore? Electronics and the Rest of Us provided me with a chance to actually create, for the sake of creating. I was able to experiment, try new things and write something that actually had an impact…on an Arduino.
The new languages I learned, basic coding and basic circuitry, were exempt from my general university qualms. Troubleshooting a device helped wash my other troubles away. The device created by myself and my partner Amara played a different tone and lit up a different colour depending on the level of light picked up by a photo-resistor. I have taken the code we wrote for this device and modified it (significantly) to help tell the story of what it was like learning how to build and code our small device.

const intelligence = 0; // I don’t know what I’m doing
Pinpoint = what to google;
#define Everything
void setup() {















void loop() {

if (lights and sound < functional){

setColor(red aka STOP aka our machine is doing nothing);
tone(oh nooooooooo);
else if (lights and sound>=functional && lights and sound<=great){
setColor(Green aka go go go! );

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