ERU: The Lorax Plant, in progress

Part 6 of the Electronics for the Rest of Us series

Team and authors: Jess and Kara

loraxThrough our exploration of other methods of making our talking Lorax plant, it was suggested that we use a Makey-Makey and program the audio triggers with a program called Scratch. Sound files can be incorporated into the program, and when a certain leaf is touched, the sound file associated with that leaf is played. PureData is another programming language that was suggested to us. It also allows users to activate sound files through an external trigger. If we wish to go with the Flex sensor idea, it would be attached to the Arduino as an analogue input that is constantly reading resistance. Then, a programming language like Processing can be programmed to activate a sound file by the level of resistance that is being read. Attached is an image of the flex sensor setup.

Having faced some technical difficulties, we are currently working on checking our wiring and setting up the code properly. Along the way, we’ve had the chance to build skills in reading schematic diagrams, and understand the electrical principles behind our set-ups. We’re hoping that with a little more testing, we’ll be able to select a method to proceed with our project. Next class, we’ll be working on getting our flex sensor working and to consider best to set-up our arduino with the plant.

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