ERU: Riding Safely

Part 2 of the Electronics for the Rest of Us series

Team and authors: Carolyn and Alex

Hey McMaster! This is Carolyn and Alex and we like to bike…all day everyday. Living the student life requires us to sometimes bike at night, however this can be quite dangerous without proper lighting. To solve this problem, we plan to design and build indicator lights for our personal bicycles. We will create handle-bar-mounted buttons which will activate the turning signals that are attached to the rear of the bike. We will use our Arduino Unos to control the red LED lights.

As environmentally-conscious students who live sustainable lifestyles, we hope to power the Arduino by our bicycle. We also hope to design a mount for the Arduino board and power source that will allow us to remove them so as to protect them from the cold Canadian winter nights.

Stay tuned for our next update. In the meantime, ride safely friends!

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