ERU: Riding Safely — Conclusion

Well McMaster, this is our final blog post for ERU!
Using the Arduino we were able to combine previously written code along with a circuit design of our own to create a working prototype of bicycle indicator lights. Since our last post we were able to get a second button working simultaneously with the first button so that we now have working left and right lights. Thus, there are now two separate buttons that each control four lights on the breadboard. This translates to real life in that if the user wants to turn right, they would press the right button once to turn it on, a second time to initiate blinking, and a third time to turn the light off. The same process applies for the left button on the breadboard.
Riding Safely


In the future, we hope to incorporate a light sensor into our design. This would allow us to have a night-time setting that when dark enough, the indicator lights will always be on, and with the press of a button the indicator lights will start blinking.

This past term was truly a fun-filled adventure of challenges and triumphs. We are sad that our time in the Wong classroom is now up, but we leave this class feeling proud of what we were able to accomplish. We learned the basics of programming, circuits, schematics, and electronics, all while developing our problem solving and teamwork skills. Though exam-time-crunch prevented us from making a fully-functioning device, we hope to continue working on this project this summer in Hamilton by engineering a design that we can mount onto our bicycles.
Ride safely, friends!
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