ERU, Fall 2014 – James, Max & Shakeel









As part of ISCI 3IE1 (Electronics for the Rest of Us I), we, James, Max, and Shakeel, were able to explore the basics of how electronics work using an Arduino, including building circuits and programming. Over the span of 12 hours in 3 days, we went from building a simple blinking LED light to our final product, a device which could not only detect the temperature and change the colour of an LED accordingly, but was also able to act as a nightlight and play alert music when the temperature passed over certain thresholds. Furthermore, we designed it so that the music could be stopped with a button. This was a lot of progress over a short period of time.

James thinks that this experience was useful in a variety of ways. Many people don’t understand how electronics work, and after taking this module, he feels that he has a better grasp of electronics. James also thinks that this experience will be useful since he is interested in computational biology (modelling and simulating biological systems using computers), and so this experience may be a useful starting point. Max thinks this course was awesome. It built on already existing knowledge to teach how basic tasks can actually be performed. He especially liked the coding process, and despite its complexity it was presented in an easily understood fashion. He also enjoyed the creativity involved in some of the gadgets shown by the instructors and looks forward to part 2 to try some of them out.

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