Digital Humanities @ Guelph

Digital Humanities at Guelph bannerFor those interested in learning more about digital humanities tools and practices, this year there’s a closer and thus less expensive alternative to making the annual trek to Victoria for DHSI. Susan Brown and her colleagues and collaborators have organized DH@Guelph, which is part of the DHSI network (credits even transfer toward the UVic DH grad certificate). The courses cover topics such as Omeka, TEI, data wrangling, minimal computing, and so forth.

We’re particularly pleased that Sherman Centre alumna Paige Morgan will be returning to Canada to teach You’ve Got Data!: Introduction to Data Wrangling for Digital Humanities Projects, while John Fink, our Digital Scholarship Librarian, will be co-teaching Minimal Computing for Digital Humanists with Kim Martin. John will surely introduce many of the ideas and techniques he has developed while working with the Sherman Centre’s makerspace and its Electronics for the Rest of Us courses.

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