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Working with OMEKA at DH@Guelph 2017

The DH@Guelph Summer Workshop was held at the University of Guelph the first week of May 2017. I attended the OMEKA Workshop, which was co-taught by University of Guelph Special Collections Librarian Melissa McAfee and Library Associate Ashley Shifflett McBrayne,

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Plotting a Plague Pandemic

Little Hitchhikers Humans are more than just singular beings, we are “Superorganisms”: vessels for thousands of small life forms that make up our microbiome. We have complex relationships with these resident microbes, ranging from beneficial to parasitic, which are influenced

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Making Uganda’s Intellectual History Digital: Knowledge Preservation and Ethical Considerations

As a historian of Africa and the colonized world, my research continuously pushes me to consider the unequal power relationships that govern the preservation and presentation of knowledge about the past in these places. Asking questions about how the history

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Visualizing Climate Change and Environmental Disaster in Ontario

On 10 July, 1911, one of the deadliest forest fires in Ontario history ripped through the north, totally destroying the new gold rush community of Porcupine Lake. When it was all over, the blaze claimed seventy-three lives, burned over half

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A Global History of Canadian Mining: Final Post on Flow Mapping the Porcupine Gold Rush

Canada dominates the global mining industry. Canadian companies operate in over 100 countries around the world (some sources claim Canadians own seventy-five percent of the world’s extractive companies). Fifty-seven percent of the world’s public mining corporations are listed on the Toronto

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Please join us for DATA QUE/E/RIES, a public seminar focused on putting forward provocations for ways of thinking about ‘big data’. In particular, we turn to queer perspectives to help us address and unravel some of the assumptions, biases, and

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A Graduate Fellow Introduction – Mica Jorgenson, Mining & Environmental Historian

I’m a PhD Candidate in the department of history and an incoming Graduate Fellow at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. You’ll be hearing from me a lot this year, so in this post I’m going to 1) introduce my

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Reflections on DH @ Guelph

Whenever I go to conferences I see other scholars with great maps. They make slide shows and posters look really pretty – but also offer deeper understandings of what is being studied while enabling the scholar to engage more meaningfully

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Library Speaker Series: Academic Libraries in the Digital Age

On Monday, March 2nd, the Sherman Centre will be hosting two talks given as part of a series  to engage the campus community on issues critical to the future of scholarly research, new technologies and the role of libraries in the

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Announcing HUMAN 2DH3: Intro to Digital Humanities

January 2015 will see the start of McMaster’s first digital humanities course for undergraduate students. As the Sherman Centre postdoctoral fellow, my job was to figure out a course theme that would draw students from a range of humanities disciplines. I

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