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Local Networks: Research on Accessing Offline Internet Content By and For Marginalized Communities

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Communications Cultural Studies and New Media Program at McMaster University, my research revolves around the application of new media to create personal archives for individuals or relatively small communities, groups and peoples,

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Expert-sourcing historical and contemporary vaccine hesitancy

Blog 2 of 4! Last time I posted about the various resources for mapping and the various maps that inspired me to create the “Atlas of Vaccine Hesitancy”. Today I will be sharing the map that is filled in nicely,

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Preliminary Mapping of Global Disease Data

It has recently been argued that the modern pandemic of plague is unambiguously and exclusively caused by strains of bacteria dispersed out of Hong Kong in 1894 (Achtman, 2016). This statement appears to hold true for epidemics with socio-historical links

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#Bell Let’s Talk about Racial Violence

Content notification: racism, psychiatric violence   Let me tell you a story. It’s a story about mental illness. And it goes something like this: Once upon a time, people who were tired and sad all the time, nervous, or saw

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Resistance, Racialized Violence, and Database Design

As Matthew Davis explains, a database is useful as a methodological tool because it does not permit ambiguity. This means that all decisions must be documented and justified.[1] To create the schema for my database, I have already made important

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Interview with Micki Kaufman

As larger archives of human cultural output are accumulated, historians face a deluge of information. Where scarcity of information was once a common frustration, historians now face the opposite problem. Amidst veritable haystacks, historians must locate the needles and, presumably,

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W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

2017-2018 Sherman Graduate Resident Michael Brooks Johnson, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University and a George A. Barton Fellow at the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, will be hosting a workshop on Thursday,

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New Middle English Dictionary interface — now with readable sourcecode!

The medieval social media communities, at least those that do work in Middle English, are abuzz about the new Middle English Dictionary search interface that Henry Litwhiler put together. And it much much slicker than the now over decade-old interface

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Working with OMEKA at DH@Guelph 2017

The DH@Guelph Summer Workshop was held at the University of Guelph the first week of May 2017. I attended the OMEKA Workshop, which was co-taught by University of Guelph Special Collections Librarian Melissa McAfee and Library Associate Ashley Shifflett McBrayne,

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Plotting a Plague Pandemic

Little Hitchhikers Humans are more than just singular beings, we are “Superorganisms”: vessels for thousands of small life forms that make up our microbiome. We have complex relationships with these resident microbes, ranging from beneficial to parasitic, which are influenced

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