Author: Samantha Stevens-Hall

Making Uganda’s Intellectual History Digital: Knowledge Preservation and Ethical Considerations

As a historian of Africa and the colonized world, my research continuously pushes me to consider the unequal power relationships that govern the preservation and presentation of knowledge about the past in these places. Asking questions about how the history

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The Challenge of Cultural Theft- Crowdsourcing Knowledge for Digital Archives in Africa

Working on a Digital Humanities project as a historian of Africa requires a level of accountability to the people whom your work is about and affects. This responsibility requires an understanding of the history of cultural theft on the continent

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Samantha Stevens-Hall- Graduate Fellow at the Sherman Centre on building a Digital History of Africa

I am a 4th year PhD candidate (ABD) in the History Department and new Graduate Fellow at the Sherman Centre. I study the Intellectual History of Africa and have spent the last two years digging around in archives on 3

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